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  • East Coast surfing pioneer Mike Tabeling passes away at 65

    Mike Tabeling: a pioneer of surfing in the East Coast

    Mike Tabeling, one of the pioneers of surfing in the East Coast of United States, has passed away at 65.

    Tabeling is a legend. A shining star in the Cocoa Beach surfing scene. Mike was a passionate surfer, who didn't let a rare and aggressive form of Renal Cell Carcinoma/Papillary II change his sports life.

    Mike Tabeling was one of the first surfers on the East Coast. He participated in the 1968 United States Surfing Championships, and finished runner-up; Mike rode his waves at the ISF World Surfing Championships (1966, 1968 and 1970), too. And we was really talented.

  • World reactions to Gabriel Medina's ASP World Tour title

    Gabriel Medina: first ever Brazilian world surfing champion | Photo: ASP/Cestari

    Gabriel Medina is still partying. At only 20, he added an ASP World Tour title to his trophy room. What does the world have to say about his maiden triumph?

    Brazil is proud of his surfer boy. Gabriel Medina has written a new chapter in the history of competitive surfing.

  • The Top 34 surfers of the 2015 World Surf League

    Gabriel Medina: ready to defend his title at the 2015 World Surf League | ASP/Robertson

    The 2015 World Surf League will showcase the best 34 surfers on Planet Earth. There are new faces and a few classic names.

    The ASP World Tour lived 30 years. In 2015, the brand gets a new name. The World Surf League will kick off with three Australian legs, starting February 28th.

    There will be 12 Australian surfers, seven Brazilian riders, five surfers from the United States, five Hawaiians, and athletes from South Africa, Tahiti, France, New Zealand, Ireland.

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