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  • RVCA Rolling Retro 2015: the past is the new future

    2015 RVCA Rolling Retro: style is everything | Photo: Richard Johnson

    Royden Bryson, Tasha Mentasti, and Luke Slijpen were the standout performers of the 2015 RVCA Rolling Retro, held in a laid-back atmosphere at Llandudno, Cape Town, South Africa.

    Old school surfers and retro surfing hipsters had the time of their lives in the offshore two-to-three foot waves on offer down the line.

    Vudu Surf provided 40 vintage boards and sent everyone into the past. Colorful and nostalgic shapes and a few classic facial hair styles were the salt and pepper of the RVCA Rolling Retro.

  • "Freeze For A Cause" raises $21,000 against cancer

    Seamus Carey: freezing for a cause | Photo: Jim Givas

    Five surfers have climbed higher on the podium at the 6th annual Freeze For A Cause, held at North Carolina Avenue Beach, in Atlantic City.

    Surfers and supporters helped raise $21,000 for the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation (DRCF), making it the most successful Freeze For A Cause event ever.

    Despite the low temperatures and the wind chill, 43 wave riders put on their wetsuits, boots, gloves and hoods and helped promote cancer awareness.

  • How to bodysurf

    Bodysurfing: know how to swim and kick like hell | Photo: Tim Mckenna

    The journey of a thousand tasty waves begins with a single bodysurf. So said someone, somewhere... probably. Either way, there's truth in this retro-fitted and surf-inspired Lao Tzu knockoff: until you understand the mechanics of catching waves, you won't be riding any, and there's no better way to learn than with your very own, nature-made equipment; in other words, by bodysurfing.

    Bodysurfing is a serious sport in its own right, with a world champion and some heavy competition, to boot.

    "Bodysurfing is as pure as you can get of a sport," says Tim Casinelli, director of the World Bodysurfing Championships competition. Casinelli, himself a two-time WBC Grand Champion, points to the interaction between body and wave, and simultaneous lack of very much equipment, to explain its authentic appeal.

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